Colonial Soldier Arcade


Colonial Soldier Is a freeplay style arcade that keeps with tradition of the classic arcades from the 20th century. Our focus will be in the spirit of competition and co-operation. We will offer as many multiplayer games and head to head titles that we can fit. We are so excited to be able to bring you a place to play legendary classic arcade games, right here in south Jersey, for an unbeatable value in entertainment.

Nobody likes dealing with dirty quarters and annoying change machines.
Ever try using a gaming card with gaming credits that have confusing denominations??
Most people don’t enjoy paying an hourly rate to play video games either.
That’s why Colonial Soldier is the only arcade in the area to open up the arcade floor to you, for a valuable daily admission rate of *about 10 bucks!

Purchase your Month Pass now for $30.00 and have access to play all month long (Limited number of Month Passes available every month so get yours early). Order now, and receive a NOVEMBER FREE PLAY PASS when you come in on your first visit. Pay $30.00 with PayPal through our Buy Button Checkout below and guarantee your pass. You can purchase your pass at the door, but availability is limited. Once we sell out of Month Passes for the month, they will become unavailable.

-How revolutionary!!

That’s right, pay once, hang out however long you want. No need to stare at your watch or worry about how much you need to spend. Just play and enjoy genuine classic arcade games, in original arcade cabinets with genuine arcade hardware.

When I designed New Jersey Gamer Con, I wanted it to be a gaming event for all ages and to be as family friendly as possible. The same principle applies here, where we will provide a space for all ages to play video games in a clean and safe environment, where a younger generation player will learn the beginnings of video gaming with a hands on experience.

Our knowledgeable staff will be on hand to share information and instruction on our videogame library.

We will rotate game titles and incorporate new games regularly. Keeping the inventory fresh will be a key ingredient to your experience. We hope that every time you visit Colonial Soldier, you will be able to discover something new.

Having a hard time finding a venue, for a birthday party, that your guests would actually want to be seen at?
-We know!

Is your child too old for clowns and princesses, but still young enough to have fun with friends and family?

There really isn’t a place for your older kids to have a party that doesn’t come across childish.
-Until now!

This is an event space that welcomes all middle school age (and older) kids to party with out feeling like they are hanging out with toddlers at the bounce house.

We worry about about a couple things when we do a party, and none of those things involve a ridiculous character in a mouse suit or our staff singing to your group.

Let us handle the games, and the logistics of running a fun and memorable event for your group. We will let you embarrass your own kid.

We will provide you a party host that will be on hand to setup console games, and provide support for your needs during your event. Real, authentic pizza, and a delicious birthday cake that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, will be included in the birthday packages. Pricing for parties will be updated soon, so please check back or contact us with any questions.

Special events and contests will take place here that will encourage players to challenge and compete for prizes. Events will be streamed live and high scores will be kept on record. We will be keeping in house records as well as uploading scoring data to for world record keeping.

Some events we plan on holding regularly will be our Smash tournaments and our Mario Kart racing league. Plans are in place for fighting competitions with Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat.

High scoring can be established anytime we are open and records must be authenticated by a staff member. Video recording equipment will be available to you should you want to chase after a high score.

We plan on hosting special guests and unique gaming events throughout the year.

Some of the titles we plan to open with this fall:

Original Gauntlet by Atari.

Original Rampage by Bally.

Original multiplayers like the X-Men, the Simpsons, Crime Fighters, and more.

Head to head fighting games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter.

Shooters including Area 51, Maximum Force, and Carnevil.

Driving classics like Out Run and Cruising USA.

A variety of classic titles like Donkey Kong, Pacman, Tetris, Dig Dug, Defender, and more, throughout the arcade.

As we get set to open, we will be making monthly passes available to the public that will allow the pass holder access to the arcade all month long. This pass will be available at a steep discount and limited to only a strict amount of passes each month. If you have any interest in a monthly pass to Colonial Soldier, please contact us.

Come join the revolution!!